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For Young Adults

For Young Adults

Kate's Club provides grief support programs for young adults (18–30) so that they can connect with others who are also facing life after the death of someone important to them.




Peer Support

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Connect with others who just get it.


A Kate’s Club program for young adults (ages 18-30) grieving the death of someone important to them. Join us virtually or in-person and connect with others who know what you’re going through.
Virtual Meetups


Monthly meetups hosted via Zoom to connect with other young adults (ages 18–30) navigating adulthood, grief, and everything in between.
  • Open to young adults grieving anyone important to them
  • Relevant topics discussed monthly
  • Members can join from anywhere in the world

For more information, please contact:

Kacie Chasteen
Program & LoKate Coordinator

In-Person Outings

Enjoy each others' company at one of our quarterly outings. Outings currently happen in the Atlanta area, but as we expand we are happy to work with members to host opportunities near you. Contact Kate's Club if you'd like to start an in-person group in your area.
  • Members help plan outings, which can be anything from a visit to the pumpkin patch to kayaking.
  • The chance to get face time when you need a little more than Zoom and the group chat.
  • Contact us to start a group in your area.
For more information, please contact:
Kacie Chasteen
Program & LoKate Coordinator
LoKate Member

"Kate’s Club has provided me a space and place to talk to others that are going through similar losses. It makes me feel less alone."

LoKate Facilitator

"When I talk about grief, members can know it comes from a place of personal experience and understanding of the grief experience. They know I am walking the grief journey alongside them."

LoKate Member

"I feel like there’s an underlying level of understanding. You can show up to every group just however you are that day. Sometimes it’s funny, and we laugh a lot, and sometimes it’s very serious. It’s everything."

Kate’s Hub

Join our online community and learn, share, and connect with other young adults.
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