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Find Us

Atlanta, Georgia
1190 West Druid Hills Drive NE
Suite T80
Atlanta, GA 30329
Albany, Georgia
Winifred Davis
Southwest Georgia Program Coordinator
Athens, Georgia
Kristen Hill
Athens Program Coordinator
Brunswick, Georgia
Alneata Kemp
Coastal Georgia Program Coordinator
Cobb County, Georgia
Jasmin Martin
Cobb County Program Coordinator
Newnan, Georgia
Megan Crawford Tyburski
Newnan Program Coordinator

Additional Contact Info

Have more in-depth questions about Kate's Club? Contact one of the individuals below with inquiries on fundraising, media, programs, partnerships and volunteer opportunities.
Donations & Media
Courtney Krygiel
Director of Development & Marketing
Programs & Memberships
Lane Pease Hendricks
Director of Programs & Partnerships
Volunteer Opportunities
Debra Brook
Director of Clubhouse & Volunteer Services