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We’re creating a world in which it’s okay to grieve.

This is our vision
Everyone, at some point in their lives, grieves the death of someone important to them.
Grief can be overwhelming and isolating, but it shouldn’t be. What if, through your grief, you could find community and belonging? What if, through sharing your experience, you could learn to understand and process your grief?
Let’s make that a reality for the griever in all of us. Together, let’s create a world in which it’s okay to grieve.

Our Mission

To empower children and teens, their families, and young adults facing life after the death of a parent, sibling, caregiver, or someone important to them.
In 2003, Kate’s Club launched in Atlanta, GA with a gathering of six children for a social outing at a bowling alley and has matured into a dynamic, statewide nonprofit that has helped more than 10,000 grieving children and teens, their families, and young adults understand how to cope with their grief and know they are not alone.
Kate’s Club is a place where being separated from someone important to you can be connective. Where experiencing a death can mean entering a new chapter of life. And where missing someone can lead to feeling seen. In this club, grief is challenging but it’s also growth — an example of how every part of life can become a chance to have a positive experience if you’re supported and among a community.
What We
Believe in
We enjoy and respect our time together.
We are a safe place to share feelings and where you can be your true self.
We provide tools to carry you through your grief journey.
We welcome everyone and create a circle of support and understanding.
We provide opportunities for learning and discovery after death.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

At Kate's Club, we build a safe community with a true sense of belonging where each individual — member, parent or caregiver, young adult, volunteer, or staff — feels empowered to share their whole, authentic selves. We believe in the broadest possible view of diversity and inclusion, valuing the visible and invisible qualities that make all humans who they are.

We strive to encourage, support, and celebrate each person connected with our organization, and provide an equitable opportunity for them to express themselves and use their voices. And we know that different ideas, perspectives, and experiences create a stronger Kate's Club.

Our Founder

At the age of 22, Kate founded Kate's Club with a vision to create a safe space where grieving children could come together to connect and grow through the grief experience. Today, as its Founder and Advisory Board Chair, Kate remains unwaveringly committed to the mission of Kate's Club.
It's Time We Reframe Grief for Children | Kate Atwood | TEDxBigSky
Watch Kate’s TED Talk
"Every corner in life is a new opportunity to have a positive, exciting experience; the wealth of those experiences is measured by people who surround you during them.”
Kate Atwood
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Our People

Passionate, caring, and most importantly here to help grieve.
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Let's share our stories about grief.
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