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Why I Ride: Kirsten Miklethun

September 22, 2014
Megan Holder
Why I Ride: Kirsten Miklethun
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               As we lead up to this year’s Spin for Kid’s we wanted to share the stories of our riders and why they ride for Kate’s Club. Tonight Kirsten shares in her own words how a student’s lasting impression and a friend who knew about Kate’s Club convinced her to get on the bike her first year. This will be Kirstin’s third year riding to support Kate’s Club.

When you work in a school as large as mine (750+ students) for as long as I have (18 years) you experience just about everything life offers.

The joy and excitement of children is like no other! Seeing children learn and discover and watching them marvel at the world is one of the most amazing things. Children are like an intensifying filter. The best things are so much better through their eyes- but so too, the bad things in life are much worse when they impact a child.

In my early years teaching, one of my sweet students lost her mother to cancer. In the aftermath, her family was shattered…her older siblings joined their father in California. She went to NYC with her grandmother. That year was so hard, watching her pain. Wishing there was more I could do. I looked at my own children who were close to her in age and wondered … if wasn’t here was there anyone who could ever love them as intensely as I did? The answer is most likely no, a mother’s love is so unique….What could I do to help this precious girl?

I heard about Kate’s Club from Misty. I knew this was a cause near and dear to Misty Alexander ‘s heart. I knew she spent a week at camp Good Mourning each year. I respected her passion and dedication. I thought I could offer her moral support riding along with her. I thought, if I can make a small difference in the life of a child, I should try. I decided it was time to join the Kate’s Club Spin for Kids team.

To join the Kate’s Club team or make a donation to a Kate’s Club rider visit


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