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What does it mean to be a Kate's Club Ambassador?

December 16, 2016
Kate's Club
What does it mean to be a Kate's Club Ambassador?
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As we enter the new year, we’d like to thank all of our 2016 Kate’s Club Ambassadors! Kate’s Club Ambassadors are some of our most dedicated supporters. They volunteer their time, talent, and money to further our mission and passion of offering free grief support in Georgia. Ambassadors truly are leaders among Kate’s Club advocates, supporters, and friends and include Buddies, donors, former board members, Kate’s Club member guardians, former members, and community volunteers including volunteering in Atlanta Georgia.

2016 Ambassador, Courtney Walters, with camper at Camp Good Mourning

2016 Ambassador, Courtney Walters, with camper at Camp Good Mourning

To be a Kate’s Club Ambassador, you must participate in at least one special committee and attend at least one donor tour throughout the year. In the past, our Ambassadors have led special projects for Kate’s Club, including developing organizational marketing materials. They’ve also donated their professional services pro-bono. In addition to donating time, each Ambassador commits to a $500 “give-or-get” financial contribution to Kate’s Club. This means they can either donate $500 of their own money, or they can fundraise $500 on behalf of Kate’s Club. On top of volunteering and donating or fundraising, Ambassadors commit to being advocates of children’s grief awareness and of Kate’s Club’s mission in their daily lives.

If you are interested in renewing your membership as or becoming an Ambassador in 2017, please review and sign the following contract and submit to Debra Brook at [email protected]: Ambassador contract.

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