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The celebration of two lives

April 25, 2012
Kate's Club
The celebration of two lives
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Most of us don’t remember April 25, 1991.

But that Thursday was the defining moment in the life of Kate Atwood.

Because that day, Kate’s mom, Audrey K. Atwood, lost her battle with breast cancer at age 42.

On this day, 21 years later, as Kate celebrates her mom, I wanted to take a minute to recognize Kate for the inspiration that she has become in the wake of her mom’s death.

Losing a parent as a child is amazingly difficult, regardless of how they die or how old you are when it happens.

For some, their life, for all intents and purposes, ends on that day as well.

For others, they internalize their grief and trudge on through life.

And there there are the rare people like Kate.

Kate found a way to dig deep inside and channel her grief into an energy that is truly infectious and has already created lasting change.

In 2003, she founded Kate’s Club, an amazing organization that empowers children and teens facing life after the death of a parent or sibling.

On her Website,, Kate says her experiences have been a wonderful gift.

“That gift is to experience how the opportunity to change someone else’s life also very much changes your own,” she writes. “I want to share with you the fulfillment and happiness everyone can experience when you take part in something that is bigger than yourself.  That feeling when you share. Share your money, share your mind, share your time, share your story…all of this sharing can help you, can help someone else, and can ultimately help our world!”

I am proud to be a Board Member for Kate’s Club, and I’m even prouder to know Kate Atwood.

Because of her vision, more than 400 children have had significantly different grief experiences than those of us who lost a parent or a sibling without a support system like Kate’s Club.

Kate, as you remember your mom today, know how proud she would be of the amazing work you’ve done and the amazing person that you are.

We are all committed to building the organization you created, and we’re excited to watch all the ways you continue to impact and inspire the world through your Living by Giving efforts.

Would you like to share your story? Please contact us at [email protected]

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