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Spin For Kids – Jordan and Andrew

September 7, 2012
Spin For Kids – Jordan and Andrew
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Last year, Jordan and Andrew met out on the course and set out to accomplish something together.  Having met at a Kate’s Club event, they had helped each other cope with the death of a parent before.  This time they bonded together to finish 27 miles on a bike.  They crossed the finish line to a rousing ovation with a sense of pride and accomplishment.   It was an absolutely great moment in a fantastic day for Team Kate’s Club- Camp Good Mourning at Spin for Kids.

What great moments will this years event have in store for the Kate’s Club team?  Make sure you come and find out while raising money to send Kate’s Club kids to camp.   Spin for Kids is a wonderful event that has something for everyone.   Spin for Kids is a bike ride that allows riders to choose distances between 5 and 100 miles depending on the riders level.  

The Kate’s Club team had 40 riders strong in last years event and that number has already been surpassed for this years.  In addition to the bike ride, Camp Twin Lakes will be open free of charge to children of riders.  Kids can come on out and enjoy their favorite camp activities.  Or like Jordan and Andrew, they can ride too.

To help you get ready for the ride, Team Kate’s Club will be hosting group rides every Sunday between now and the race.

Register Now:

1)      Go to

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3)      Join Team- Kate’s Club- Camp Good Mourning

Andrew and Jordan

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