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Growing with Kate’s Club: Sheree’s Volunteer Journey

May 3, 2023
Kate's Club
Growing with Kate’s Club: Sheree’s Volunteer Journey
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The first step in every Buddy volunteer’s journey is volunteer orientation. On her birthday in 2016, Sheree joined us for her volunteer orientation in Atlanta, GA.

“I felt like there couldn’t be a better way to start that new year,” Sheree said.

Little did she know that orientation on her birthday would turn into six years and counting at Kate’s Club, a Georgia nonprofit. Since then, Sheree has served not only as a Buddy working directly with members, but also as an Ambassador, Memory Walk Chair, Gala Chair, and now Board of Directors member.

Sheree with her husband at Memory Walk

Providing Grief Support in Georgi

From her first day as a Buddy, Sheree knew she wanted to be more involved with the organization. The mission struck a chord with her because both of her parents died, her mother only a year before she joined Kate’s Club. She was also seeking more opportunities to work hands-on with children and teens.

It wasn’t long into her volunteer journey that Sheree started helping with the Mourning Glory Gala auction, then chairing both the auction and the Gala in 2021. This year Sheree continues her role as Auction Chair, which she’s held since 2020.

“Our story is just so amazing…the more I did, the more I wanted to do,” she said.

Chairing the Auction for our Gala in Atlanta

To describe how she felt when first asked to help with the auction, Sheree made a face. She was apprehensive and even said the work of asking for donations didn’t come easily to her at first. But she knew what it meant to the Kate’s Club families and made her best effort. Now she is an auction extraordinaire.

Sheree loves telling the Kate’s Club story and seeing people’s generosity. It also moves her when she can connect with donors about their grief, and when she can empower other volunteers to do the much-needed fundraising work.

Sheree with Kate's Club team members at Gala

20 Years of Kate’s Club as a Nonprofit in Atlanta and Georgia

While Sheree grew in her involvement, Kate’s Club grew right alongside her. When reflecting on our growth since 2016, at first all she can say is an awestruck, “Wow.”

From one session of camp to two, to introducing the Bereavement Needs Assessment, to virtual programming, to our young adult program, Sheree recounts it all with pride, admiration, and excitement for the future.

“We’re not going to have walls, we will keep pushing the walls out,” she said.

Sheree looks forward to the next 20 years of Kate’s Club. She hopes that one day our work will move beyond Georgia, or that we can help others bring similar grief support models to other regions that need it.

The Kate’s Club Impact

Sheree speaks highly of the Kate’s Club impact in her own life, but always brings her involvement back to the importance of supporting our members and being part of the community.

“By being a community, we embrace each other,” Sheree said. “You try to look into their eyes, look into their hearts, and be with them on their grief journey.”

She always wants to involve more people with the Kate’s Club mission and believes the Gala is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to learn about the importance of our work. During the event, she loves watching people ‘really get it,’ and understand what they are doing to change the lives of Kate’s Club members.

“It’s a joyous night with a wide array of emotions, that will have them walking away feeling like they have made a difference in lives. Their hearts will grow,” Sheree said.

Reserve Your 20th Anniversary Mourning Glory Gala Tickets Today

We thank Sheree for her work as the 20th Anniversary Mourning Glory Gala Chair and hope you join us for an exceptional evening at Zoo Atlanta’s Ford Pavilion on Saturday, May 13.

For tickets and more information, please visit

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