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Sheree Martin’s Story: The 2021 Mourning Glory Gala Chair

August 27, 2021
Kate's Club
Sheree Martin’s Story: The 2021 Mourning Glory Gala Chair
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My involvement with Kate’s Club began in May 2016 as a Buddy Volunteer. I have been involved in most aspects of Kate’s Club: Clubhouse Days, Outings, Camp Good Mourning, Family Nights, HUGS, Memory Walk, and the Mourning Glory Gala. I was honored and humbled to be awarded the 2019 Volunteer of the Year. And now, I am proud to be the 2021 Mourning Glory Gala Chair even through the challenges of COVID-19!

My grief journey started much later than Kate’s Club members. My father died suddenly at 71 (I was 41) from a heart attack. We were very close, and I was profoundly changed by his death. I certainly experienced all the stages of grief, and anger was a significant and lasting emotion. When I looked at my friends’ parents, I didn’t understand why he couldn’t share my life with my husband, stepchildren, and grandchildren. My mother also died in 2015 in an unexpected way which was difficult for me to deal with. It is so special to discuss these emotions with Kate’s Club members even though I was much older than they were when they experienced the death of a loved one. It is very healing to confide in and with our incredible staff, Buddies, and Kate’s Club families.

I have seen firsthand how our amazing programs have changed children’s and family’s lives. We allow them to grieve in a supported, safe and healthy manner. Through my fundraising efforts, I am always moved when people share their grief stories, and how impacted they are to hear about Kate’s Club’s work for our community.

I am passionate about helping Kate’s Club members and families and being involved with the Kate’s Club Staff and Buddies. I am very blessed to be part of this incredible “Club,” which has made me a better person! I am sure you all see how important our work is in the community. I hope you will give generously at our 2021 Kate’s Club Mourning Glory Gala through donations and the auction!

Sheree with her father (left) and with her mother (right)
Sheree with her cabin at Camp Good Mourning in 2019

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