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Sharing Memories – "Over You"

May 5, 2012
Sharing Memories – "Over You"
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One day, while listening to the radio, I heard the song “Over You” sung by Miranda Lambert. The first time I heard this song I was driving and not paying attention to the lyrics. I did hear the chorus pretty well – But you went away/How dare you/I miss you/They say I’ll be okay/But I’m not ever going to get over you. I thought the song was about breaking up with some one or suffering a broken heart. It was about suffering a broken heart but not like I thought.

The next time I heard the song on the radio the DJ explained the story behind the lyrics. The song was written by Miranda and her husband, Blake Shelton, and is based on his experiences when his brother Richie died. Blake was 14 years-old when Richie Shelton died in a car crash. I can identify with this song – the sense of loss, the sense of anger at how unfair the situation is, and a general sense of disbelief. When my sister died last year I remember how hard it was to believe that she had actually died. When my Mom told me what happened I had to have her to repeat it to me and then I had to repeat it back to her. But, it still did not seem real. Sometimes it still doesn’t.

Blake and Miranda’s song is clearly one with a lot of emotion and personal details. I think it sets a good example of a healthy way to channel grief. Blake Shelton has been a recording artist for a long time. For whatever reason – now was the right time for him to tell his story. I know that this is personal for him but I am thankful that he has chosen to share his story in a public way. At Kate’s Club we believe that telling your story is part of healing. But, how you tell your story is up to you. I like that Blake, though he has said wouldn’t be comfortable singing this song all the time, used his creative talent to tell his story. He used his personal outlet in the way that worked best for him.

See this interview with Blake and to learn more about his story.

Credit photo from Bobaloo Rox

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