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Portrait of Serendipity

May 31, 2013
Kate's Club
Portrait of Serendipity
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Each year the LEAD program leaders choose a theme class. The theme for the LEAD class of 2013 was serendipity. Merriam-Webster defines serendipity as “the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for”. We were told that there would be many examples in the present and future of serendipity in action. As we came to the end of our LEAD term, we were asked to provide examples of serendipitous moments experienced in our 9 month stint. None proved to be more serendipitous then the interview with Buddies and spouses Vince and Judy Price. They were serendipity personified.

Judy became involved with Kate's Club in 2004, when she saw a fundraising advertisement for Kate’s club in the newspaper. She read Kate’s story and instantly connected with Kate because she had lost her mom at the age of 14 and her father at 23. She reached out to Kate about volunteering with a grief specialist to have grief training. Kate’s Club was so new that her volunteer orientation consisted of her and Kate meeting over a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

In October 2004, Kate’s Club had a fundraiser, Neon Nights, at Park Tavern in Piedmont Park. Judy emailed all her friends to support the fundraiser for the center for grieving children. It happened to be her friend’s birthday the day of the event so the friend emailed her friends and asked them to come out and support the free grief support group. One of the friends on the list was Vince.

Judy and Vince met the night of the fundraiser for Kate's Club, a center for grieving children, and began dating and volunteering together at Kate’s Club. Vince has never had a loss but has had a great time getting to know the organization that does volunteer work in Atlanta Ga through Judy. They have gone every year since it was Camp Kate in 2005; 8 in total. Vince and Judy enjoy watching the kids they mentor by grief training grow and become buddies themselves. They were awarded Volunteer Champions of 2009.

Judy and Vince got married in May of 2007. They delight in telling the story of how they met because it gives them the opportunity to tell people about Kate’s Club. People come back to them or connect others in need to Kate’s club after hearing the story. The night they met they discussed a painting up for auction at the fundraiser. The painting happened to be painted by Kate Atwood’s father and Judy bid on it. Kate told Judy she won it days later. The painting now hangs above the fireplace in their home; a portrait of serendipity.

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