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New Years Resolutions and Your Grief

January 17, 2012
New Years Resolutions and Your Grief
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So, here we are closing out 17 days into 2012 and the Grief Awareness Blog wants you to raise your hand if you made a new year’s resolution and have stuck with it.

Certainly, we have all made a commitment to the “typical” resolutions to exercise more, eat healthier, not work so much, save money, try a new hobby, etc. (I’ll take the first two, again.) But for those dealing with grief, these resolutions can take on a new meaning and present an entirely new challenge.

How are you dealing with your grief now and what do you resolve to change or improve in the New Year? Some of the ones I’ve heard from people that have experienced a loss, some I even aspire to myself in having a loss, are to be more understanding, cherish time with family, not be angry at the loss of the loved one, create a new tradition with family, and grow in some meaningful way such as giving back to community or excelling professionally or academically.

It’s hard, right?

First, perhaps you should give yourself credit for managing the holiday season. Face it, it’s a season! Then, keep moving forward, in little steps or in big bounds, (it doesn’t matter as long as you move forward) striving towards the resolution. Be sure to get the help or assistance you need in achieving your goal.

Now, how many still have your hand raised? If so, excellent! Keep it up! If you put your hand down, give yourself a break and reflect as to why. Then, work to leverage the resources available around you to positively move forward with your grief.

Remember that a mountain is climbed by putting one foot in front of the other until you reach the summit.

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