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Kate’s Club partners with Atlanta-based Mi Alma to provide unique grief support technology

May 4, 2023
Kate's Club
Kate’s Club partners with Atlanta-based Mi Alma to provide unique grief support technology
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Atlanta, Ga. – May 4, 2023 – Kate’s Club is proud to partner with Mi Alma, an Atlanta-based company built to support families experiencing loss. Mi Alma gratefully accepts a gift of 200 pages valued at $20,000 from Derek and Kelli Grant, which will be given to Kate’s Club’s families to support individuals grieving the death of someone important to them.

Founded by startup veterans and husband-and-wife team Scott and Jordan Arogeti, Mi Alma is a modern piece of empathetic technology designed to bridge the gap between families experiencing loss and everyone that wants to help them.

“We’re proud to partner with Kate’s Club to empower and support anyone facing life after the death of a parent, sibling, caregiver, or someone important to them,” said Scott. “We believe grieving people and families should have a dedicated digital place to both learn about and maintain a sense of connection to their deceased loved one. Mi Alma was built to be that place.”

Derek Grant, SVP of Market Strategy at SalesLoft, personally connects with the Kate’s Club mission. During his college years, Grant lost his father, which motivates his gift of 200 Mi Alma pages to Kate’s Club families and young adults.

“Having experienced the loss of a parent when I was young, I’m proud to support Kate’s Club’s important work by sponsoring Mi Alma pages,” said Grant. “Now, Kate’s Club families and members will receive Mi Alma pages that will allow them to collect pictures, stories, and memories of their loved one from everyone that knew them, ensuring their essence and impact will live on forever.”

Through the generosity of others, families can receive pre-paid pages from partner nonprofits, hospice organizations, houses of worship, hospitals and more. Once a page is created, family members can share the link with those in their communities of support, encouraging everyone to share memories, photos, anecdotes, and well wishes, as well as to mobilize support for needs such as raising funds, organizing meals, or coordinating volunteer efforts.

“Maintaining connections with your person who died is critical to a child’s and family’s grieving process. Mi Alma has been a gift to Kate’s Club families and members as it allows them to do this in their own way and on their own timeline,” said Kate’s Club Executive Director Lisa Aman.


Kate’s Club empowers children and teens, their families, and young adults facing life after the death of a parent, sibling, caregiver or someone important to them. They build healing communities through recreational and therapeutic group programs, education and advocacy. Since its founding in metro Atlanta in 2003, Kate’s Club has served over 10,000 individuals who are grieving, through both direct service and outreach programs.

Mi Alma is an online support service modernizing how communities support families experiencing the loss of a loved one. When a loved one is either in late stage decline or has passed, supporters want to help. Through a Mi Alma page, families provide clear direction of the support they need, whether it be direct funds, a meal train or help with third party meals or groceries, or even volunteering for day-to-day activities. Providing donations in honor of the deceased to causes near and dear to the families heart is also made easier by a Mi Alma page. Families want to learn about their loved one through the eyes of everyone that knew them. Mi Alma facilitates this by allowing the community to post pictures, stories, memories, or prepared remarks about that loved one, with all content available in perpetuity.

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