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Meet the Summer 2023 Kate's Club Interns!

May 24, 2023
Kate's Club
Meet the Summer 2023 Kate's Club Interns!
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In addition to some interns who joined us earlier this year, we have four new interns joining us for summer 2023! Interns are valuable team members who spend time at our programs and around the office, and we could not do our work without them. Please help us give a warm welcome to Bailey, Dawn, Katie and Michael!

Meet Kate's Club Intern Bailey

Bailey Mitchell is a graduating senior majoring in psychology at Clark Atlanta University. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After graduation, she plans on taking a year for herself, which will include traveling, interning and research. Once the year is up, she plan on attending graduate school to receive her Masters in Clinical Psychology. Bailey's professor is the one who introduced her to Kate's club. After learning about what we represent and do, she was instantly interested, especially since she lost my father in 2020. Therefore, she feels like she can relate in a way. She has always enjoyed working with kids, and that was another thing that drew her in as well. In her free time, Bailey enjoys hanging out with her family, painting and sightseeing. She is looking forward to meeting and learning with everyone at Kate's Club!

Meet Kate's Club Intern Dawn

Dawn Redd is a rising senior at Agnes Scott College with a passion for applied psychology. They hope to use that passion and their experience with Kate's Club in a career as a talk therapist in underserved rural communities someday. This summer, aside from interning at Kate's Club, they're focusing on training a service dog and reading as many fantasy novels as possible.

Meet Kate's Club Intern Katie

Katie Carr will be a senior at Agnes Scott College next year, and she is a summer intern for Kate’s Club! In her free time, she enjoys drawing, sewing and playing video games. She chose Kate’s Club because she plans on doing work in counseling when she is finished with grad school, and at Kate’s Club she will be able to learn skills that she will be able to use to help more people as a therapist in the future.

Meet Kate's Club Intern Michael

Michael Paul is interning at Kate's Club for the next 10 weeks. He chose Kate's Club because he knows what it feels like to grieve. He's also always enjoyed working with children and young adults, and mental health is very important to him. Outside of Kate's Club, Michael plays water polo and spends time with friends and family. After he graduates, he plans on joining the Cobb County Fire Department and working as a firefighter.

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