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Meet the New Interns

January 23, 2023
Kate's Club
Meet the New Interns
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We have five new interns joining the team in addition to the MSW interns who have been at Kate’s Club since Fall 2022. Please welcome to the team: Jess, ZaKeyeria, Ramsey, Kiera, and Hind!

MSW Intern: Jess May

Jess (they/them) is currently getting their MSW through the University of Central Florida online and will be at Kate’s club until mid-August. They are planning to work towards their LCSW certification after graduation and would love to become a licensed gender therapist someday to provide specialized care to the LGBTQ+ community.

When they’re not at Kate’s Club, Jess is a Barista at Opo Coffee in downtown Decatur. In their free time they love reading, crocheting new projects, doing yoga, and going on walks. They chose Kate’s Club for their internship because they want to thoroughly learn the best ways to support grieving individuals and communicate with kids about big feelings!

Undergrad Intern: ZaKeyeria Baker

ZaKeyeria (she/her) is currently working on earning her undergrad degree this coming May in Child and Family Development with an emphasis on Child Life. After obtaining her degree she wants to continue working in nonprofit organizations utilizing therapeutic and coping skills, to experience more of the hands-on side of Child Life. She will be at Kate’s Club until April 2022. During Zakeyeria’s free time, she enjoys online shopping, listening to new music, and spending time with her family. ZaKeyeria chose Kate’s Club as her internship to learn how to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for children and families after experiencing a loss and expand her creativity in activity planning.

Undergrad Intern: Ramsey Schippmann

Ramsey (she/her) is working toward her bachelor’s degree at Georgia Southern University and will be interning at Kate’s Club until the end of April. She plans to get her master's and become a certified children’s therapist. When she is not working at Kate’s Club, Ramsey likes to work out and participate in outside activities with her dogs. She also works as a server at Cue Barbeque in Cumming. Ramsey chose to intern at Kate’s Club to further her knowledge about grief and how to help others through this time.

Undergrad Intern: Kiera Hughes

Kiera (she/her) is a current senior studying Public Health Education at Kennesaw State University and will be with Kate’s Club through the spring. She will be graduating in May and plans to get her Masters in Health Care Management and Informatics in the fall. She would love to work in research to help communities and support global health. When not at Kate’s Club, Kiera works as a bartender/server at Stockyard Burgers in Marietta Square. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, thrift shopping, hiking, and hanging out with her cat Luca. Kiera chose to intern at Kate’s Club because she experienced the death of her mother. She is passionate about the cause and believes all grieving children deserve access to support during the loss of a loved one.

Undergrad Intern: Hind Eddouh

Hind Eddouh (she/her) is currently a senior at Georgia State University where she studies Psychology with a concentration on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology. She will be with Kate’s Club throughout the spring and hopes to attend graduate school in the fall. Outside of being an intern, Hind works as a Registered Behavior Technician with Butterfly Effects. In her free time, you can find her going on ridiculously long walks, reading various fantasy books, playing video games, napping with her cats, and procrastinating by playing solitaire. Hind chose to intern at Kate’s Club due to her interest in mental health after traumatic events. She believes that encouraging resilience builds stronger communities.

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