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Debra Brook's Story: The Community at Work

March 7, 2013
Megan Holder
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Jen, Emily, Debra, Kate + Mary at Camp Good Mourning

Jen, Emily, Debra, Kate + Mary at Camp Good Mourning

Debra Brook was looking for a change to her professional life. Having spent 15 years as a recreation therapist she knew that the time had come to move on and find a new challenge. Having a connection to Kate’s Club through one of its employees at the time, Debra decided to try her hand at working with children in a new capacity. She liked the idea of the change of pace from the chaotic world of mental health to this new environment where she could continue to learn about grief and bereavement in new ways.

This also gave her an opportunity to develop new ways to help families work through such an emotionally difficult time in their lives. Although Debra herself had not experienced such a loss, she could respect and learn from the children and adults that had. As the Program and Volunteer Manager, Kate’s Club is important to Debra because it represents the idea of community. She loves that rather than being your typical mental health facility, the club is a gathering place where children choose to come and be a part of something special. They can find common ground with the other members and rather than being forced to participate they instead want to be there and find the interaction to be positive and supportive.

Debra plays a huge rule in making Kate’s Club a special place. She has gives her heart each and every day to forward the mission.

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