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Changed Our Lives

January 16, 2013
Kate's Club
Changed Our Lives
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On July cheap generic viagra with dapoxetine 100mg 6th, 2012 my daughter and our family’s lives were changed forever. An amazing man, my friend, and her father died. He committed suicide. My heart still hurts about this. Not only levitra versus viagra because of how it affects me, but mainly because of how it affects my child. She was 9 years old at the time. She had her tenth birthday at the end of July.


spoke to him on the 5th, the day before. I knew he was having a rough time, but thought it was just a bad day. I had no idea that 24 hours later he would be gone. That day we were joking back and forth about our daughter having to get a shot since she was starting 5th grade. I told him how a nurse told her that she was up to date on shots. Our daughter said she would take a shot because she was not scared. A few minutes later the nurse realized she actually did need a shot and our child’s face was priceless! She was like “OH NO!” We had a good laugh about that and he said “She tries to be brave!” That is the last thing he ever said to me. And boy was it true!!

Some times it is still surreal. But a lot of times I am hurt because he is gone. Because he decided to leave us. It was not an accident or a health issue, it was a choice. And I will be honest. It makes me mad some days. Sad other days. Mad because he made me a single parent. No more co-parenting (8 years of working with each other to raise an amazing child after realizing our relationship was not working). Mad because he made me tell a 9 year old her daddy died. Mad because our daughter is sad, hurt, mad, and most of all confused. Mad because I had to explain suicide and mental illness to my child.

And every thing I listed also

makes me sad. What makes me sad most of all… is that he did not know how much he was loved, admired, and cherished. Sad because I had no idea things were that bad. Sad because I did not get to tell him one last time how much I appreciated him (something I did often), how proud I was of him being a few months from completing his JD and MBA. Sad because he did not truly understand how great he generic p force fort online was despite his faults.

I think about him and what happened often. Every single day. The pain is reducing, but my questions still remain. I pray he found the peace he seeked. I hope his father non prescription viagra welcomed him to heaven with open arms. I pray they are both looking over cialis generic name us all, especially

our daughter.

My father passed away generic viagra when I was 24 and dealing with that was very hard on me. Took me a year or so to

function “normally” again. My life almost spiraled out of control. I watched this happen to my daughter’s dad the following year. And an ex, a year or so after that. As a result of those cheap generic super discount pack experiences I have made every effort to help my child cope with this. From counseling to this amazing group for kids who lost a parent or sibling, Kate’s Club. I pray that these things help her. But I know nothing will ever replace her father. She loves him so much and thinks he is the best dad ever. I hope she always feels that way because he was not only the best dad ever, but an amazing and funny person.


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