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Buddy Perspective: Todd Owens' story

January 23, 2012
Kate's Club
Buddy Perspective: Todd Owens' story
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My name is Todd Owens, and I am a Buddy at Kate’s club. I am currently 45years old, married with 3 girls, and a pilot for Delta Air Lines. I truly wish something like Kate’s Club had around when I was a child!

When I was 14, both my mother and father were killed in an auto accident. There’s not a day that goes by, even now, that I don’t think about my parents. It was a tragic event and both my sister and I were lucky to have such a strong family support system to help us get through our grief. But trust me when I say this, we would have been much better off had an organization like Kate’s Club been around to help us deal with our loss and grief.

Kate’s Club does exactly what the motto says, “Empowering” children after the loss of a parent or sibling. I’ve seen it first hand! I’ve now been volunteering at Kate’s Club for almost three years and I can honestly say that Kate’s Club is making a difference. I’ve seen the kids grow not only physically but emotionally in a safe environment that understands their loss.

There was no environment like this available when I was a child, I wish there had been. I believe in Kate’s Club and the results we produce. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this great organization. If you are reading this and have any apprehension about getting involved in Kate’s Club I would simply encourage you give Kate’s club a chance. It can truly be a life changer. It is for ME!

(here’s a photo of Todd and Cynthia Daniel, Kate’s Club Program Director, practicing making memory bundles before the 2011 Winter Holiday H.U.G.S. program)

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