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Spreading the Word about Kate’s Club: A Conversation with Amanda Hyland, 20th Anniversary Mourning Glory Gala Chair

April 18, 2023
Kate's Club
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Graphic with Amanda Hyland and a quote from the article: “I specifically remember how hard it was for others around me to talk to me about what had happened and how I was feeling. If these kids can feel less alone...then they will thrive in ways that just aren’t otherwise possible.”

Some people think fundraising is just a dollar goal, but Amanda Hyland knows it’s much more than that. She loves the opportunity fundraising provides to spread the word about Kate’s Club and the value of our mission.

“I’m always excited to tell a new person or company about Kate’s Club,” Amanda said. “And of course, the fundraising is critical to everything we do, and it’s what ensures we can continue to excel in our offerings’ hire the very best staff; provide fun, safe facilities; and reach more kids.”

Amanda Meets Kate’s Club

Amanda has seen firsthand what an impact our supporters’ generosity can make. She first heard of Kate’s Club in 2011, when the founding partner of her law firm offered her a seat at his gala table.

“I was stunned that an organization like this existed, and I felt an instant connection to the mission.”

Amanda’s father died when she was young, so she immediately understood how unresolved grief affects kids, and could empathize strongly with Kate’s Club members.

“I specifically remember how hard it was for others around me to talk to me about what had happened and how I was feeling,” Amanda shared. “If these kids can feel less alone, if they can meet other kids who ‘get it,’ if they can learn to identify these messy feelings and learn new ways to cope, then they will thrive in ways that just aren’t otherwise possible.”

Getting More Involved with Kate’s Club

Ever since that first gala, Amanda has volunteered as a Board of Directors member, a current Advisory Board member, and is now the 20th Anniversary Mourning Glory Gala Chair. Amanda’s involvement has spanned over half of our organization’s existence, so she has seen a lot of change. One of the biggest changes she recognizes is the impact we are able to make with more fundraising.

“We have received funding that enables us to really look at the well being of each child when they come into Kate’s Club through the Bereavement Needs Assessment, and we continue to monitor each child’s progress annually. These assessments really help us identify how we can better serve our families,” Amanda said.

Chairing Our Atlanta Fundraising Gala

With a heart for the mission and a love of fundraising, it was only natural for Amanda to step into her role as the 20th Anniversary Mourning Glory Gala Chair, where her journey with Kate’s Club all began.

Amanda has many fond memories of our premier Atlanta gala events through the years. So many, in fact, that when we asked her favorite, she replied, “Do I have to pick just one?”

Amanda Hyland with four friends at the 2022 Mourning Glory Gala. The image has four people dressed in suits and dresses.

“I love seeing all the Kate’s Club supporters every year and catching up. I love the kids who tell their stories that highlight the impact we are making. I love watching those paddles go up. I love an excuse to get dressed up and have an over-the-top fun night with my friends and colleagues. I love all of it!” she elaborated.

But most of all, she loves “the feels” she gets at the event:

Excited to share a night with old and close friends.

Vulnerable remembering the feeling of intense loss when her father died and knowing how many kids are going through that now.

Overwhelmingly happy seeing so many people coming together to “DO SOMETHING” about childhood grief.

Energized seeing the paddles go up during the paddle raise.

And joyous, after a few drinks and out on the dance floor!

Reserve Your 20th Anniversary Mourning Glory Gala Tickets Today

Amanda and this year’s gala committee have been hard at work to make sure guests at our 20th anniversary gala will feel all those feels and more, and that we can support our Kate’s Club members every step of the way.

“I can think of nothing more important than investing in these children who have already been through so much,” Amanda said.

We thank Amanda for her leadership and hope you join us for an exceptional evening at Zoo Atlanta’s Ford Pavilion on Saturday, May 13.

For tickets and more information, please visit

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