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When Death Impacts Your School or Organization

When Death Impacts Your School or Organization
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With an anticipated death of a student or staff member:

  • Allow students to talk about their feelings
  • If the child or adult has hospice care, with the families permission, invite the social worker or nurse to come to talk with the class
  • Answer questions about the illness, disease, or disorder
  • Reassure the students that the illness is not contagious
  • Make cards for the person as a class
  • Visit as appropriate
  • Create acts of service for the family

After the death:

  • Notify parents if possible before the students return to school
  • Have a crisis team in place
  • Be truthful and direct with students (in the case of suicide or other traumatic death talk to family before revealing specific information)
  • Create opportunities of service for the family
  • Visit as appropriate
  • Attend the funeral or memorial service
  • Establish a “safe” room for both students and staff
  • Adjust schedules if necessary
  • Offer opportunities for students to express their emotions

These are just a few suggestions. The most important is to have a plan and team in place ahead of time.

For more information, go to You can also contact Kate’s Club to find out about our crisis response and grief support for Georgia schools and other youth organizations.