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How to Support a Grieving Friend

How to Support a Grieving Friend
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1. Ask about their person that died

Most of the time, grievers like to talk about the person who died as it can make them feel connected to them. Try asking about a favorite memory or quality about the person.

2. Offer tangible support

"I am going to the grocery store and picking you up dinner, what would you like?" "When is a good time for me to come over and help you fold laundry?"

3. Be willing to sit with them

Sometimes grievers just want company without the pressure of having to entertain. Offer to have a movie or tv night with them, no talking required and you'll bring the snacks.

4. Respect their space and needs

Grievers are often trying to get used to their life without their person. Your friendship may look a little different, give them space to adjust to their loss

5. Check in on them

Let them know you are thinking of them and invite them out if and when they are feeling up to it.