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This banner commemorates National Grief Awareness Day, featuring joyful images of diverse volunteers and participants from Kate’s Club events. Smiling faces from various activities underscore the supportive community spirit of Kate's Club, which provides grief support to children and families. The prominent text emphasizes the significance of recognizing and supporting those experiencing grief.

National Grief Awareness Day is Wednesday, August 30, 2023! Did you know Georgia has more than 200,000 grieving children and families? And grief is the most common form of childhood trauma? Follow us on social media for the newest updates on National Grief Awareness Day:

Graphic depicting statistics on the number of children in Georgia expected to experience the loss of a loved one before the age of 18.Graphic depicting statistics on the number of children in Georgia expected to experience the loss of a loved one before the age of 25.

In 2015-2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, only 1 in 14 children in Georgia experienced the death of a parent or sibling before age 18. Georgia is one of six states that accounts for more than half of U.S. children bereaved by COVID-10. It also has the second highest number of Black children bereaved by the pandemic.

Grief & Growth at Kate's Club

At Kate's Club, we have served more than 20,000 children, families and young adults since 2003, through both direct service and outreach programs. While we help our families grow through grief, we also continue to grow: by populations we serve, regions we serve, and by services available.

Growing by Population

Kate's Club started with Clubhouse peer support programs for kids ages 5-18. In 2013, we launched our KC Connects outreach program, which includes education, advocacy and peer support outside our walls. In 2023, we started serving young adults ages 18-30.

Growing by Region

Knowing the impact of our programs, we have expanded throughout Georgia with increased outreach throughout the state, as well as direct services in Albany, Athens, Brunswick, Cobb County and Newnan. Several of these counties have high childhood bereavement rates affected by COVID-19.

Growing by Service Offerings

Our 2019 strategic plan outlined our efforts to improve our programs' accessibility with online grief support. The COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated this initiative, and we offered our first virtual program in 2020. We continue to offer virtual programs and have even developed Kate's Hub, an online platform for 24/7 peer-to-peer connection and access to grief resources.

Georgia's Grieving Families Need You

Today, in honor of National Grief Awareness Day, please consider giving the gift of grief support in your community. Your donation directly impacts Kate's Club children and teens, their families, and young adults.

Your Impact

Learn more about the impact you can make with the gift of grief support by reading the stories of our families and team members.

This image captures a tender moment between two people from behind, wearing "Kate's Club" T-shirts, suggesting a supportive environment. Their close embrace conveys a sense of comfort and community. The background features a serene outdoor setting, complementing the theme of healing and support facilitated by Kate's Club.