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It's Okay to Grieve

This promotional banner for Kate's Club emphasizes that it's perfectly normal to grieve and highlights their commitment to supporting those who are mourning a loss. The message, "It's okay to grieve. Kate's Club is here to help," reassures and invites individuals to find community and support.

For our 20th anniversary, we publicly launched our $2.75 million "It's Okay to Grieve" capacity building campaign. We proudly share that we hit our $2.75 million goal, which will support our expansion across geographies and demographics all throughout GA, and even beyond!

It is thanks to our campaign donors that we will be able to serve countless more children and teens, their families, and young adults for the next 20 years of Kate's Club. We are forever grateful for your generous support of our mission and vision.

Together, we come one step closer to our vision: a world in which it's okay to grieve.

“I continue to be inspired by both the growing need for grief support and the community of children, families, young adults, volunteers and donors I have had the privilege of getting to know through Kate’s Club. The success of the It’s Okay to Grieve campaign is a testament to this need and the strength of our community." -Lisa Aman, Executive Director

Elevating Kate's Club to the Next Level
Kate's Community for kids and teens
$300,000: Clubhouse Member Services Expansion

Our flagship Clubhouse programs are currently offered in-person and virtually for Kate's Club members ages 5-18, as well as their families. They teach communication skills, grief-coping strategies and life skills.

We will invest $300,000 to increase our team's capacity, which will help us triple our annual program offerings over the next four years.

Kate's Community for schools and professionals
$300,000: KC Connects Expansion

Our community-based outreach program provides grief support, education, trainings and advocacy with schools and other professionals who work with children.

By 2025, we aim to grow KC Connects to 95 school groups and engage 600+ children, as well as train 2,000 professionals annually.

Members of Kate's Club enjoy a joyful outdoor gathering, showcasing the supportive community that helps individuals navigate grief.
$220,000: LoKate, New Young Adult Programming

More than one in 5 young adults experience the death of a parent or sibling by age 25. Adult grief support groups exist, but members often tend to be much older widows or widowers, and support group meetings lack the vigor or social dynamism that might attract and retain adults in this younger age bracket. Consequently, younger adults can feel misplaced or irrelevant.

Through our young adult programming, we aim to serve 80 people by the end of 2023 and hundreds more annually by the end of 2025.

A young woman cheerfully waves during a video call, engaging from a bright, outdoor setting, demonstrating the joy of connecting with others digitally.
$750,000: Kate's Hub, New Online Programming

Kate's Club will always recognize the benefit of convening in the same physical space, but some may be unable or unwilling to reach a physical destination.

Our online community, Kate's Hub, will scale our organization's impact by increasing accessibility. Campaign resources will help us build an online community with peer-to-peer support and digital resources.

The Kate's Club team provide free grief support to children, young adults, and families with leadership, experience, and knowledge in the field of bereavement.
$500,000: Organizational Sustainability

Year-over-year revenue increases reflect a viable nonprofit that continues to mature, growing more financially stable as it targets, cultivates and benefits from a broader donor base that includes foundations, sponsors, and individuals.

Kate's Club will invest this portion of campaign funds in our team, best grief practices, building awareness and educating the public on the importance of addressing grief.

A promotional poster for Kate's Club featuring three individuals gazing at a sunset, embodying the message "It's Okay to Grieve." The campaign aims to provide a supportive community for those experiencing loss.

Click here to read our brochure with more information on the It's Okay to Grieve campaign.

The Need for Grief Support
Graphic depicting statistics on the number of children in Georgia expected to experience the loss of a loved one.
Make Your Memory Tile

A memory tile is one of the first activities a member does when they join Kate's Club. At family orientation, where families new to Kate's Club can meet and learn more about our programs together, members create a tile to remember their person who died. They trace their hand and write their person's name in the center, then decorate it however they want in memory of their person. The tiles are then placed on our memory tile wall.

Memory tiles are a special part of our history, and in celebration of our 20th Anniversary and It's Okay to Grieve campaign, we invite you to make your own memory tile and share it on social media, so we can add it to our virtual memory tile wall!

Don't forget to make your account public and tag Kate's Club and #itsokaytogrieve!

A poster of hand with the words #it's okay to give, symbolising a Kate's Club mission.
Example of a memory tile. Make your own memory tile and share it on social media, so we can add it to our virtual memory tile wall!

Even after we retire tiles from the wall for new ones, we keep them in our memory tile archive, so members can always come back and find theirs. Click here to read how member-turned-buddy Jordan found her memory tile 12 years after her family orientation.

Thank You
Thank you to the It's Okay to Grieve Campaign Committee

Tanya Sam, Co-Chair
Rob Spencer, Co-Chair
Kate Atwood
Craig Clark
Mary Howell
Amanda Norcross
Tony Bencina

Keisha Edwards Hunt
Amanda Hyland
Lisa Aman, Executive Director
Jamie Duncan, Director of Development & Marketing
Judy Train, Director of Operations

Thank you to our funders

Abreu Charitable Trust
The Chestnut Family Foundation
The Clare Foundation
James M. Cox Foundation
J.B. Fuqua Foundation
Jesse Parker Williams Foundation

The Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation
The Harland Foundation
The Imlay Foundation
The Rich Foundation
Truist Trusteed Foundation
The Tull Charitable Foundation
Anonymous Foundations

Kate's Club Board of Directors
Kate's Club Advisory Board
Kate's Club Staff
Individual Donors