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Celebrating 20 years of Kate's Club
Can you envision a world in which it’s okay to grieve?

20 years ago, Kate Atwood did.

Drawing from her own experience as a bereaved child at just 12 years old, Kate envisioned a community that could empower and unite kids in their grief. She envisioned a community that could redefine grief as a lifelong journey, one that should be shared and harnessed as a source of resilience.

In 2003, Kate’s Club launched with a gathering of six children for a social outing at a bowling alley and has matured into a dynamic nonprofit that has helped thousands of metro Atlanta grieving kids ages 5 to 18, and their families, understand how to cope with their grief and know they are not alone.

This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kate's Club, and honor the more than 10,000 families, volunteers and professionals we have empowered since 2003. As we continue to grow and expand our services, Kate's Club remains committed to empowering children and teens, their families, and young adults facing life after the death of a parent, sibling, caregiver or someone important to them.

Kate's Club Through the Years

Kate's Club in 2023
It's Okay to Grieve

For our 20th anniversary, we are launching our $2.75 million "It's Okay to Grieve" capacity building campaign. We invite you to join us as we expand our children and family programs, both in metro Atlanta and statewide, and also expand to the young adult population. Together, we can create a world in which it's okay to grieve.

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What's Next for Kate's Club?

There are big things ahead for Kate's Club in 2023...we can't wait to unveil more exciting news later this year! Keep checking back for more ways to celebrate our 20th Anniversary together.